Restrictions may “cramp” but are needed

Hey all, we’ve gotten some input from you guys saying that the criteria is restricting your ability to design the shirts. Basically we made most of these restrictions to abide by the print shops rules and RMCAD’s marketing department.

Here are the rules and our reasons for each:

[RMCAD logo must be included in design]

This shirt is representing our school which is the point of the contest. Our logo is our brand and it’s what shows this isn’t just a design from an art school it’s a design from RMCAD

[RMCAD logo must remain the same]

For marketing reasons the logo has to stay the same for RMCAD’s branding. You don’t have to make it the main focus of the design but it needs to be put in there without modification.

[One Color Design]

This is for printing reasons, to make the shirts as low cost as possible for us as well as the students we need to keep the design’s complexity to a minimum.

[Design can be no larger than 14x16 inches]

Again, for printing reasons

[Avoid fine lines which will be difficult to print (smaller than 1pt)]

Printing guidleline given to us by the print shop

[One location, front or back. No sleeve or side prints.]

again this is to keep the price as low as possible, we’re only going to print one side of the shirts (sleeve and sides are pretty costly)

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